Tuesday 10 June 2014

A Partial Explanation.

By way of an apology to those who have recently visited the blog expecting a new post or two. A couple of events have prevented me from posting as frequently as previously, one of which I'll share.

Firstly, I have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to write for for the last couple of years and my content continues to appear there, along with many other fine insights.

In addition, have also given me the opportunity to explore my interest in how uncertainty and the use of stats impacts on our ability to not only explain, but also try to, imperfectly, predict sporting outcomes. Again my articles can be found here.

Feel free to browse the blog or email any points to my address on the home page. Or if you want some insight into the expected refereeing styles at Brazil 2014, why stats should be treated as noisy, rather than beacons of truth or a quick way to calculate where goal difference may tie break a WC group, head over to the aforementioned sites.

 Finally, thanks to Andrew, Michael and Simon and everyone who has kindly re-posted my posts.