Wednesday 11 April 2012

Blackburn 2-3 Liverpool.

Blackburn's heady mix of ragged defending and potent goalscoring continues to delight the neutral and frustrate their fans as they attempt to keep their heads above the drop line.Around 70% of their games have featured at least three goals,with 3-3's and 4-3's relatively common place.3-2 was the weapon of choice when they overturned the champions elect at Old Trafford and when they defeated fellow strugglers,QPR,but this time they were on the wrong end of the scoreline.

A pulsating game saw each team's Expected Points peak and trough throughout the evening.None more so than in the 25th minute.An early 2-0 lead to Liverpool on the back of Rodriguez's brace had seen the host's EP fall to just over 0.1 of a point,but the penalty award alone bumped it up to nearly 0.4 and upwards again to almost 1.0 as the red card quickly followed.But it settled back down to 0.5 points when Yakubu's tame penalty went unconverted.

The prolonged time spent playing a man down finally cost Liverpool their lead when Yakubu added to his first half header with yet another penalty and the hosts spent the rest of regulation as the team favoured to take most points longterm.That is until Carroll's injury time header sealed a welcome win for the visitors ahead of Saturday's FA Cup semi final derby game.

0-2,Penalty awarded to Blackburn,25'
0-2,Doni Red Card,25'
0-2,Yakubu missed penalty,27'
1-2,Penalty awarded to Blackburn,61'

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