Sunday 5 May 2013

The 2012/13 Championship Table.

Following on from this post describing how a Premiership table would look if all teams where of equal quality so that any game would be decided by randomly selecting from the historical home/away and draw probabilities, here are a couple of graphics for the 46 game Championship.

Points Distribution For The Last 20 Championship Seasons.
And for a luck driven table....

Points Distribution For A Championship Comprising Of 24 teams Of Equal Quality.

This season's Championship had perennial also-rans, Cardiff as champions with 87 points. Bristol City relegated with 41 points. The relegated Premiership clubs, whom usually account for a fat right hand tail in historical plots, were scattered to the three winds (in the case of Wolves, all the way to Division One).And a peak at around 60 points.

2012/13 seems a much better fit for the latter plot than the former. When true abilities are very closely matched, luck plays a huge role in the final outcome. Scant comfort for the Old Gold shirts.

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