Friday 13 November 2015

Arsenal's Solid Title Aspirations.

Arsenal spurned the chance to go into the international break as early season leaders of the Premier League when they had to come from behind to claim a point against traditional rivals, Tottenham on Sunday evening.

Nevertheless a perfect Premier League record in October was enough to win the "Manager of the Month" award for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal head a short list of legitimate contenders to Chelsea's crown.

The Gunners have out-shot opponents in seven of their 12 matches to date, being out-shot just twice. 26 is their most likely Premier League points tally in individual match simulations based on their shot location type and ability to hit the target and restrict the shooting of opponents.

Second spot is their most likely current placing, which also tallies with Arsenal's actual record. So their title aspirations are confirmed. they appear neither over or under rated compared to their underlying shooting statistics.

Shot profiles will inevitably bounce around after just 12 matches, but once you accept that Arsenal are hardly renown for attempting low goal expectation efforts from distance, their current shot profile compares favourably to those typically seen in top four sides.

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