Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Profiling Open Play Shooters in the 2016/17 Championship

As a follow up to the recent post looking at the average distance from goal Premier League strikers tend to shoot from an the variability of their preferences, here's the same for the EFL Championship.

The players are arranged in decreasing level of shot volume and shots only from open play are considered. All headers are also omitted.

I've simply ranked the players in terms of distance and variability.

Average distance to goal from the origin of all shots has been used to determine those who take their efforts closest to goal. Currently this honour falls to Tammy Abraham among the top 100 individual shooters by volume.

Tammy also barely strays from this area of preference, bagging him the description of an archetypal goal hanger, along with Scott Hogan.

Variability in the range of shots a player takes has been determined by calculating the amount each shot taken by a player varies from that player's average shooting position.

In contrast, Jacob Butterfield only appears to try his luck from distance.

As a more general guide to the likely shooting distance and either single mindedness or willingness to to vary their approach, you can refer to the crib sheet below.

Data from Infogol

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