Wednesday, 11 October 2017

World Cup Qualification So Far.

To save my Twitter feed from viz overload, here's a couple of plots from the completed World Cup qualifiers.

FIFA ratings usually get a good kicking, but if you know their limitations they do a decent job and have done in predicting the qualifying teams so far for 2018.

Some higher rated teams will miss out, it's only 10 games in some cases, after all.

But if you want a benchmark FIFA rating at the time qualifying began in 2015, the definite qualifiers had a median rating of 891.

Those still waiting on a playoff were rated 676 and those rooting for other countries were 464.

Check your country and see if they ended up roughly in the position they deserved based on 2015 FIFA rankings.

FIFA don't seem to want you to find historical ratings, but to the best of my knowledge these were the ratings each side had in October 2015, apart from the three I couldn't find & made up.

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