Saturday 15 October 2011

The EPL and The Championship Compared.

One very effective way to compare different leagues is to plot the monthly variations for each on the same graph.If we do this for the EPL and the Championship it quickly becomes evident that the leagues are fundamentally very similar.The shapes of the plots are mimic each ther quite closely for the majority of the season,differing only in the monthly values.

The EPL would appear to be a generally more attack orientated league.With the exception of the final month of the season,the EPL is more goal laden and certainly more shot laden.It's only in the truncated month of May that the Championship greatly outscores their superior rival.

The Championship commits less fouls in the first three months,but subsequently both the quantity and the variation matches that of the EPL very closely.By contrast the yellow card totals,although following a very similar track to those awards in the EPL,remain almost universally below the totals for the higher division.This implies that the EPL is officiated more strictly than is the Championship.

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